Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tea Infusers

These are very good for when you are making just the one cup of that special loose leaf blend. When I feel like I need the pomp and pageantry of an afternoon tea without the calories I like to treat myself to a loose leaf tea in my favourite tea diffuser.

I love my Yellow Submarine especially as I am a big Beatles fan. However, on some Sunday mornings when the only reason I got out of bed was to make myself a cup of tea and want to get back into bed asap I find this very useful.

You can brew whilst you get back in bed and still take the leaves out of the cup into a matching bowl without staining your bedding. Plus you can make your cuppa without the need of a teaspoon.

Although I am thinking about giving my Sunday morning tea ceremonies a little more decadence I'm thinking of investing in a teapot/teacup set that neatly stacks on top of one another. More on that later.

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