Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bjorn Borg underwear

I recently bought a thong from this range and I was very impressed. Especially considering that it is by the Bjorn Borg, as in the tennis player from the 80s. Take a look

The collection is very colourful and fun and caters for women, men and children. If you 're looking for a pair of female boxers then this is the place to come. As you would expect the designs are very sporty. Although like I said it's also good for thongs. By definition a thing should be skimpy and these are however, they are not skimpy in the front which makes them very comfortable. This is the pair I bought. A lacy bright pink flourescent thong that stayed bright even after being washed.

This is the next pair I'm thinking of adding to my collection

And these perfect for long cold nights

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